hi I am Kim


As a 1.5 generation Taiwanese-Canadian with the face of a perpetual 16-year-old — I grew up with the smell of wood incense and the introspective musings of Buddhism + Tao, as well as the Love and Light of Western New Age literature. Aaaand, sandwitched somewhere in the middle, is my passion for charm-wielding, card-slinging magical school girls from Japanese shojo anime. You can see how tarot is an inevitable destination for all of those trajectories. Combined with my nerdy inclination towards literature, well…Β 

once upon a tarot

When I found tarot, there was fireworks in the sky. My innermost self did a goofy happy dance. Even though I wasn’t fully aware of it at the time, I have stumbled upon an opening, a path, a journey that I would continue to embark on in life. I was super happy. And as I connected with my own personal myth, my own magical fables, through the archetypal wisdom and symbolic images of tarot, I was inspired make courageous choices in the unfolding of my own narrative.

level up

The most epic thing about tarot is that it is a source of guidance for all kinds of leveling up you want to accomplish in life. It is the ultimate compass for spirituality, creativity, productivity, intuitive living-y, and personal growth-y (sorry, my brain insisted on rhyming), helping you navigate the journeys and adventures that you choose embark on, aiding you in locating your superpowers, inspiring you to become more connected to your own authenticity and the human experience…

The list continues. The realm of tarot encompasses so much good stuff. Honestly, it is a never-ending reel of soul-rich insights that have the power to transform your life.


keep calm and tarot on

Β I’ve always thought that the process
of reading tarot cards is kind of
like reading poetry. You savour a poem
by allowing yourself to be touched by it.
You allow yourself to enter its space-time
and drop,
landing softly at its core.


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